I got a shout out on Newstalk 1010 today and Tim Hudak shared my protip for getting rid of Elf on the Shelf 😂

It looks like some patriots in Toronto have been hard at work already, trying to keep Google away from the Toronto waterfront and I whole heartedly support their effort.

Say “NO!” to mass corporate surveillance

theglobeandmail.com/business/a via @wallabagapp

Internal documents released in the current court case against Facebook reveal that they (Facebook) are fully aware that decentralised social media like Brisketgram and Pixset (Mastodon and Pixelfed) are the biggest threat against their grip on the internet.

It might be a small effort on our part but collectively we are hitting them where it counts :brisket:

This is bad

>Google to offer checking accounts next year: (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google will offer personal checking accounts from sometime next year in partnership with Citigroup Inc (C.N) and a small credit union at Stanford University, a person familiar with Google’s plans said on Wednesday.

Looks like more and more people are seeing the light and joining us in the decentralised fediverse


Everybody do the “Spooky Scary Skeleton” dance 💀☠️🎃


Good afternoon, I have made some changes to the services.

Brisketgram has been updated to Mastodon 3.0.0 which comes with various improvements. Brisketgram will work a little better, the direct messages are improved, and there is an audio player now.
I have also boosted the limit on characters for “toots”
Previously there was the default 500 character limit, but early on I found it was difficult to compose a complete thought or post in only 500 characters. So now we have 1000 characters for me to type stuff to myself 😉 We will see how that works.

I have also increased the number of info boxes [see photo]
Here you can put additional information on your profile, and include other social media or contact info

Lastly, pix.sectiontwo.org now supports video. If you haven’t yet, please go open an account there. I am leaving this open for all family and friends to join, for now. Go sign up, and share some pics.

Was not exactly the rock star encounter I expected in LA but as far as the worlds biggest satanic rock star goes, Marilyn Manson was very gentle, gracious, and kind

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